Intermediate Sewing : Zero Waste


Wednesdays: 14 Sept - 7 Dec

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Wednesdays: 4 Sept - 7 Dec
1pm - 4pm
(12 weekly classes)

Celebrate sustainability with one of our special eco focussed workshops supported by Creative Scotland. See below for full details of subsidised spaces available on the course.

Workshop Description:

Led by Stitchery Founder Cassandra Belanger, this is a 12 week, in-depth introduction to creating a zero waste wardrobe. You will be introduced to different methods of making zero waste garments from using zero waste pattern masters developed by Danielle Elsener of Decode, the Make/Use system developed by Holly McQuillan, as well as how to work from zero waste indie sewing patterns, including Liz Haywood’s book Zero Waste Sewing. You will also be encouraged to explore reusing fabric from retired garments, sustainable fabric sources (like Bawn Textiles collection) or getting creative with fabric scraps.

The first half of each lesson will be focused on learning a new zero waste garment by making paper or quarter scale samples as well as specific sewing techniques for making zero waste garments and accessories. You will be taught how to minimise waste in conventional sewing pattern cutting layouts and how to recycle any waste that you do create, from the smallest scrap of fabric or length of thread. The second half will be a time where you can work from a zero waste sewing pattern of your choice and make a garment for yourself. 

We all wear clothes, which means we all contribute to the consequences of the fashion industry on our planet and the people who make our clothes. The fashion industry has caused both environmental and social crises and many of us are now learning about the ways we can change our actions to ensure a better future. One of these solutions is by sewing, designing, and making zero waste garments.

As research progresses, designers find new motivations for doing things differently, and as home sewers experiment, we are finding more and more ways in which we can change the status quo and implement minimal or zero waste garments into our wardrobe. Did you know that we waste 15 - 25% per each garment we make? This equates to 60 billion square metres of fabric annually in the fashion industry and this doesn’t include clothing made at home. Learning new ways of making clothes without making waste is vital for the future health of our planet. 

All body shapes and sizes welcome. We are a LGBTQI+ friendly and safe space. People of all genders, sizes, and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend this course.


  1. A set of paper samples of different zero waste garments.
  2. A zero waste garment made by you, to fit your body and in the fabric and style of your choice.
  3. A sample book, made by you and full of the techniques you've learned as part of the course. Use this for future reference. 
  4. An understanding of how to make clothes that consider the impact on people and the planet.
  5. An understanding of how to sew with zero waste.
  6. Confidence in construction skills for sewing garments and accessories
  7. A sustainable sewing community 

Course cost includes: 

  • 12 x 3-hour lessons 
  • Use of 230DC Janome computerized sewing machine each 
  • Use of 6234XL overlocker (shared between students)

Course cost excludes: 

  • Cost of pattern
  • Cost of fabric and haberdashery

Skill level: Open to new sewers but not complete novices. Must know how to use a sewing machine and have previously made a minimum of one garment from a sewing pattern. Check out our Making Clothes for Beginners class if you are new to sewing!

Student Testimonials

“I learned so much that my mind melted at times. I loved every second and will definitely be playing more with the techniques and tools in the quest for a more sustainable and conscious approach to making. If you are even vaguely interested in zero waste approaches, sustainability or sewing I would highly recommend this course. You'll come away with a fresh perspective. And Cassandra is a great teacher!”

"This course is the perfect introduction to zero waste design thinking, combining theory with practical exercises and rewarding sewing sessions. It shows where textile design is heading, how sewers can reduce waste while being creative, and appeals to sewers with different skill levels!"

"When I booked onto this course, I didn’t realise just how broad a subject Zero Waste Design was, or how many diverse aspects of it would be covered - I’ve learnt so much and my brain is buzzing with ideas now! This course was totally different from any other sewing class I’ve taken - not only learning some sewing techniques, but also really getting to understand Zero Waste concepts. On top of this, I met some really lovely people and gained loads of confidence with my sewing. Highly recommend!"

About Your Tutor

Cassandra’s work is an invitation to a more sustainable future. It challenges home sewists, designers and educators to think through the social and environmental impacts of their practice, exploring issues such as zero waste, transparency, embedded storytelling, feminism, sizism, and body image.

Originally from Western Canada, Cassandra currently runs The Stitchery Studio in Glasgow, Scotland, which offers private tuition and pop-up workshops, educating both home sewers and designers on the topics of making a zero waste wardrobe, garment construction, machining skills, sustainable design processes, garment fitting and patchwork quilting, all with an approach to encouraging sustainable thinking and zero waste sewing. She is also the co-founder of the Zero Waste Design Online Collective that develops online education resources in the field of zero waste design and systems thinking in fashion.

We have partnered with Creative Scotland to offer half price places on our sustainability focussed workshops. We aim to remove cost as a barrier to participation, enabling access for all to creative learning opportunities.